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Sno Jam Comedy Festival Returns for eighth and Final Year


Sno Jam Comedy Festival returns to Sioux Falls, SD January 18-21, 2024 for its eighth and final year. While it is bittersweet that Sno Jam is coming to an end, we're going out with a bang. Four days of non-stop laughs with over 30 comedians from across the country to raise money for the Dakota Academy of Performing Arts.


This year's festival will feature nine shows over the four days and will welcome back Sioux Falls' own Sean Jordan and Watertown's own Timmy Williams along with the LGBTLOL Showcase hosted by Ryan Rogers. VIP Badges and tickets to all shows are now on sale.


Also performing at the festival this year are:


Akudo Ejelonu - Philadelphia, PA

Alisha Rayne - Sioux Falls, SD

Andrew Yang - Milford, MI

Andy Mattfield - St. Paul, MN

Bailey Pope - New York City, NY

Bree Kalhorn - Omaha, NE

Dale Dymkoski - Los Angeles, CA

Dan Bublitz Jr - Loveland, CO

Eric Hook - Bloomington, IN

Greg Capra - Durham, NC

Hayden Kristal - Pueblo, CO

Ian Reiland-Smith - Sioux Falls, SD

Jad S - New York City, NY

Jayson Acevedo - Chicago, IL

Jeff Pfoser - St. Paul, MN

Jenni Lou Russi - Fargo, ND

Jerry Irby - Sioux Falls, SD

Josh di Donato - Atlanta, GA

Khadijah Cooper - Minneapolis, MN

Koerner - Sioux Falls, SD

Lou Pharis - Denver, CO

Lucas Larson - San Francisco, CA

Luise Noé - Milwaukee, WI

Luke Gaston - Fort Collins, CO

Luke Johnson - Sioux Falls, SD

Martin Phillips - Austin, TX

Morgan Gallo - Denver, CO

Nathan Hults - Sioux Falls, SD

Raegan Niemela - Milwaukee, WI

Ross Flores - St. Paul, MN

Sofia Javed - Chicago, IL

Sonya Vai - New York City, NY

Thomas Nichols - Fort Collins, CO

Tyrel Frazier - Omaha, NE

Wes Corwin - Dallas, TX/Norman, OK

Zach Dresch - Sioux Falls, SD

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