Meet The Comedians: Davey Wester

Davey was born in Minnesota & and raised in Ephrata, Washington... population 6808. Passed by Mitzi Shore at Hollywood's Comedy Store, Davey is a uniquepresence in today's comedy scene. He brings an honesty to the stage which everyone can relate to, and his performances are sure to stay with the audience long after his performance. Davey has appeared on Ari Shaffir's Skeptic Tank, and several Death Squad podcasts. He has performed with many of today's top comedians including Bret Ernst, Ian Edwards, and Russell Peters. Davey is currently on tour in the Mid-West.

You can see Davey at Sno Jam at Thursday February 15th, 2018 7pm at Fernson on 8th on a stand up showcase & Friday February 16th, 2018 9:30pm at Boss' Comedy Club for "You Had To Be There w/Ryan de la Garza". Tickets available here.

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