Meet The Comedians: Sheldon Starr

Sheldon Starr

Sheldon Starr grew up in the small town of Oglala, SD. Never being the “class clown” type, but always had something smart to say, is where his humor comes from. Challenging himself to be creative with wordplay and day to day observations spawned his odd stage presence and joke delivery. Sheldon Starr’s brand of comedy is distinguished by his literal short stories, ranging anywhere from 10 seconds to 2 minutes with abrupt delivery, non sequiturs, quick punch lines, witty thoughts, and one-liners. The intelligence of his quick-witted deadpan jokes has crowds laughing punch line after punch line. His jokes mainly stick to the day to day observations of

people, and stories, but is not afraid to go into dark and shocking humor.

Facebook: Sheldon Starr or

Twitter: @SheldonStarr_

You can catch Sheldon performing Thursday Feb 16th at 7pm at Total Drag and Friday Feb 17th at 7pm at Fernson on 8th. Tickets available here.

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